Affirmation: I Want More and More of Less and Less

Affirmation I Want More and More of Less and Less by Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry

Around the holidays I indulged and ate something I knew I shouldn't and spent the rest of the night nursing a gallbladder attack. As I was lying awake, savoring my pity party, I decided it was high time to do a dialogue with my gallbladder and find out what it wanted. That's when I heard my gallbladder say, "I want less."

If you've never experienced body healing through dialogue, click here to download a worksheet. You can learn amazing things about your life by taking the time to tune in and listen to your body and its pain.

This idea of less isn't a new theme for me. In fact, I heard this same message last January when I was sick, lying in bed with a fever, thinking, "I don't want anything and this feels really good to me. I feel at peace."

I'm not sure how I got to this place, but I believe it might be meditation. The state of emptiness I experience during meditation feels so natural that perhaps it's spilling out into my daily life.

Over the last several years, I've cut a lot of stuff out of my life and not just the tangible things like food, TV, and material possessions. Some of the stuff I've reduced is emotional. I've minimized engaging in emotional drama that distracts me from a clear path, and I owe this growth to working with Lemonade Mantras.

The only place to go from more is less. It is a place we will all end up being. What is more getting you that less doesn't already fulfill?


  1. Funny how u brought up your gallbladder ailment... Guess what, I too had to give up Matcha tea... it was cleansing my system too much!...omg.,..Now I am kicking myself for losing the receipt... they weren't kidding when they said it was powerful... I am definitely stepping away from it.

  2. Wow! I do remember it being hard for my system to handle. I'm glad you're letting it go and taking care of your body.

    1. funny how dr. oz didn't find anything wrong with the tea... in fact he insisted that the loose form be used.. i started googling it after i noticed a difference...

    2. I have a tendency to overdo things I like so I'm still learning the idea of everything in moderation. Maybe just a little is okay.

    3. I laughed when one site said that if it had a strong effect on the system it was because ' it was riding the body of harsh toxins'... omg, I know I don't have that amt. of toxins in my body! lol...

    4. Haha! That doesn't sound like fun :)

  3. oh, does this resonate with me - but then, just about everything you say does! i think that is evolution along the path. and even when it comes to 'finding' ourselves, dogen reminds us that its been there all along, we just need to strip away what we thought was helping us get to it. thank you, beth.


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