Positive Affirmations for Love: Love Note Day 3

14 Days of Love Messages by Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry

Love is dancing all around you. You are surrounded by nature, experiences, and people that are all crying out, “I love you.” All you need to do is wake up to this love. Maybe the message is said in a way you don’t expect or perhaps you’re tuning out because you’re afraid to receive so much love. However, these messages of love exist like sacred treasure.

Know that the universe bides its time like a kid eagerly waiting for you to unwrap your package, hoping you will finally hear the messages of love sent just for you.

Whether you are in an intimate love relationship, enjoy the love of kids, family, friends, or coworkers, these 14 Days of Love are meant for you -- Love Bombs that may awaken your senses to the messages of love that dance around you daily.

If you release and share your message of love with others, maybe in return you will begin to hear the ones meant for you.

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