Frog Charms & Muppets Most Wanted

Frog Charms and Muppets Most Wanted by Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry
Brave Heart, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver frog charm

I grew up on a steady diet of the Muppets, so Kermit the Frog feels like an old friend. He wasn't always my favorite character -- that's changed over the years -- but lately I have grown fond of frogs.

Last spring a frog camped outside my window and serenaded me at night. I nicknamed him Romeo because he seemed to arrive during moments of loneliness. As the colder months descended, he disappeared, and then this year he started singing again on Valentine's Day!

I really do imagine this tiny frog as a sort of brave heart, out in the dark, singing his song. He probably doesn't consciously know why he's doing it. He just feels the drive to exclaim, "Here I am. I am love."

Last month my Brave Heart frog charm reappeared in Hint Jewelry's shop too -- a prince who's easy to overlook but symbolizes the idea that enormous courage can come in small packages.

Kermit is kind of like that too. He's always faced with making difficult moral decisions and usually finds a way to work through them. Whether you have kids or are still a kid at heart, I'm guessing like me, you can't wait to see the latest frog saga -- Muppets Most Wanted.

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