How to Write Positive Affirmations Step 4: Change a Negative Thought to a Positive

How to Write Positive Affirmations Step 4 Change a Negative Thought to a Positive by Beth Hemmila of Lemonade Mantras

This is a four week series that explains how to write a positive affirmation in 4 steps. More information can be found in my book Lemonade Mantras, which you can download for FREE by clicking here.

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Step 1: Make a Concrete Observation
Notice a Trigger Event (something happening in your life that stimulates feelings of anger or frustration) and then neutralize your evaluation into a Concrete Observation.

Step 2: Uncover a Need
Ask the question, "What did I Need?"

Step 3: Acknowledge Your Judgments
Write down your Judgments -- negative thoughts you have about the person or situation.

Step 4: Change a Negative Thought to a Positive.
Transform your Judgment into a positive thought.

How to Change a Negative Thought to a Positive

This final step seeks the internal message found deep within the structure of one of your Judgments. It uncovers the meaning behind the meaning of what you are saying. One way to attempt this process is to imagine you are running an experiment and dissect one of your Judgments into its most basic forms, letting your curiosity search for deeper connections.

  1. Select a Judgment from Step 3 that causes the most discomfort for you.
  2. Transform the meaning of this Judgment by restructuring the sentence. Use the following suggestions to change your Judgment:
  • Make the statement about you (flip it into a self-judgment)
  • Say the opposite
  • Remove "should" or "shouldn't"
  • Replace a verb/noun with its opposite
  • Switch the order
  • Shorten to its basic form
  • Change the meaning into a positive
  • Think of a new way to say the idea
  • Remove the personal

Look for a positive phrase that when said will soften or neutralize your negative thinking. It helps to let go of grammar rules and ways of thinking about writing and see the words like pieces of a collage that you freely move around and alter in whatever way appeals to you. If you find yourself struggling with new word combinations, try writing ideas with your non-dominant hand.

I like to use a thesaurus to look up synonyms, antonyms, and the etymology for words found in my judgments. Many times looking at alternative words helps refine the true meaning found beneath your judgment. For great online resources, check out thesaurus.com and etymonline.com.

To learn more about writing positive affirmations, click here to download my free ebook Lemonade Mantras and read chapter 7 and 10. Or check out my Youtube video on Lemonade Mantras chapter 7 and chapter 10.   

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