Mind & Body Wellness: 10 Tips for Learning How to Laugh Again

10 Tips for Learning How to Laugh Again by Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry

Laughter is good medicine especially after something difficult has happened in your life such as a serious illness or loss. Being able to balance the reality of your experience and learning to laugh at life again seems to be a healthy way to mend.

Here are 10 ideas to seek out the laughter in your life:

  1. Learn something new that makes you feel ridiculous and prompts you to laugh at yourself. Laugh with the people who are laughing at you in good fun. For me it's learning how to ski. Every time I fall down I crack up. For some people it might be yoga or going to the batting cage.
  2. Watch humorous sitcoms, movies, and plays. There's a reason Greek comedies and Shakespeare's funny plays are timeless: They heal us on a very deep emotional level.
  3. Check out the local comedy club or get out on stage and join an improv group.
  4. Try laughter yoga. It looks crazy, but I've done it, and it really works as a way to connect people. Laughter yoga is best done in a group. 
  5. Be on the lookout for your mistakes and missteps throughout your day and take a moment to chuckle at yourself. Imagine you are a character in a sitcom. Wouldn't people find your blunders funny?
  6. Read the comics or funny novels.
  7. Clown around the house with your partner, kids, and pets.
  8. Buy a joke book and practice telling them at work.
  9. Play board games with friends. 
  10. Join interest groups with people who are funny, lighthearted, and laugh a lot. Their joy will help lighten you up.


  1. 11. Realizing what is not making you laugh/happy is not worth the stress it is causing and that what is, is and we don't have control and what is past is past.

    1. Good one!! I like that. Thanks for mentioning it. Sometimes the hardest thing for me to be aware of what might be stimulating unhappiness in me.


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