Mind & Body Wellness: Change a Habit or Learn a New Skill by Give it 100 Days or More

Mind & Body Wellness Change a Habit or Learn a New Skill by Giving it 100 or More DaysDo people change? Can people change?

The 'Give it 100' project challenges people to learn a new habit in 100 days and tracks changes through a series of 10-second video clips. 

The project was started by Karen X. Cheng, who posted an online video that showed how she learned to dance in a year.

This isn't a new technique. Musicians, artists, athletes, etc., have been using the concept of consistent repetition to create mastery for centuries. What I think is unique about the 'Give it 100' project is they provide a visual diary format and a network of people to inspire and motivate others to do the same.

If you've ever had a desire to motivate people, the best tool is by changing yourself and being an example. People need to see that change is possible, and the visible changes you make in yourself gives them courage to do the same. Words are weak in comparison to the idea that "seeing is believing."

I only came to this understanding after completing some of my own 120 day challenges. Doing them, feeling how difficult it was to remain faithful to the process, and working through resistance and setbacks was the only way I was going to develop compassion for anyone who wants to change.

Changing is very challenging but possible, and when you commit and follow through to 100 days or more you give others hope and courage to tackle new skills or reform self-destructive habits too.

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