Affirmation: The World is Supportive The World is Love

Affirmation The World is Supportive the World is Love by Beth Hemmila
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When you truly feel that every relationship and event in your life has always been supporting and loving you with one intent -- to keep you on the path -- peace is your most natural state.

We can't fully understand the mystery of this world. We don't know what events really mean. It's hard to see how they are all moving us in one very specific direction -- our awakening. Sometimes we can get caught up in thinking we know what's best for ourselves and others, but we don't know.

You see hints of this all the time. That job didn't work out, but something amazing you needed came next. That relationship was painful, but it woke you up to things you want to work on in your life. That challenging experience was frightening, but it inspired you to help others.

It's like the gears of a clock working their magic: The divine is timing everything just right, leading you places that seem confusing, but if you consciously acknowledge and believe that everyone and everything is loving and supporting you all the time, you'll know what your soul has always known -- everything is in step.

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