All Used Up

All Used Up
by Beth Hemmila

The Beloved
tore open my shrink wrap,
discarded the packaging,
and used me.

An eternity marinating in patience,
Wishing, hoping for a time to be touched,
fitted, and ground into nothingness.

The waiting was delicious, happy agony,
But I secretly pray
that I never go back on the shelf.

Prepare to be used up. Clear the way and purify. Empty yourself out and untie knots. Keep freeing yourself and others from the past. You may be waiting a long time or it could come as an unsuspected surprise. But whatever you do, keep making yourself completely available for the moment when life is ready to use you all up.


  1. WOW!, Beth.... I know exactly how u felt... For me, it felt like a knife gutting me... First time in my life I had that gutteral cry that just comes from the pit of the stomach... the healing took a while but when it did, I had a new outlook on things.. my views, wants all were changed...I'm stronger in my beliefs and stand up more .. Also learned to say 'no' w/out feeling guilty for it.

    1. Oh, I can see how you might interpret my words in this way, and your experience does sound painful, but I actually meant this in a pleasant and exciting way. To be all used up for me is a pleasure I have been waiting for. I think of it kind of like a baseball player sitting on the bench waiting for his turn to get called up to play. Then when it happens, he gives every ounce of passion, energy, and talent he has to the game until he is completely empty and "all used up."


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