Around Again

Sun Valley Regional Park Reno Nevada by Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry

Around Again
By Beth Hemmila

Round the roundabout again.
I wait for your skin to slip.
The dial is set on effortless oblivion –
our spin cycle.

Fear is the cord pulling your curtains shut.
But I see through you,
so I am happily tripping around again.
I can wait.
Time to stardust is a whirling dervish dance – 

dizzy pleasure.

In between now and later,
I imagine dropping over waterfalls,
dangling off rock faces,
and flipping through the air.

I am intoxicated, remembering your scent
of stormy days,
bitter earth,
and forgotten trees.

I am hungry firelight,
a drunken siren
Waiting for you,
going around again.

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