Broken Down

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Broken Down
by Beth Hemmila

No running.
No hiding out.
You shut down every escape.

And Everything is Gone.

Goodnight relationships,
and dreams.
They're sipping frothy cocktails with broken ideals and desires.

It's impossible to ignore you.
You bust illusions and distractions and cuff them to my bed.
You lift me up and drop me.
I break over and over again.
Will I ever learn?

You break me.
This is your purpose.
To break me down until I no longer resist.

I keep putting myself on the waiting list,
but you keep pushing me.
I'm playing and faking.
I'm tinkering in alternatives, but there is only one way.
Your Way.

Etched in my consciousness.
Forged by our push and pull dance.
Your Way.

I am like a happy monkey, toying with the future
Until you take everything away
And I see all roads lead
to not having.
The way it was meant to be.

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