Mind & Body Wellness: Off the Beaten Path

Mind & Body Wellness Off the Beaten Path by Beth Hemmila
When I hike, I wander off the beaten path. I like to explore small trails that lead to unknown territory.

Many times my jaunts result in dead ends -- a place where the trail stops, and I have to turn back.

I have a habit of employing this same tactic to my projects, relationships, and life experiences. When I feel as if I've taken a detour off the main trail I hear myself say, "You've got to follow it all the way to it's terminal end."

I don't know where this idea came from, but I've got it in my head that no matter what happens I need to follow a course of action to the point where I can't go any further, and it either leads to a result or a dead end.

Some people might give up halfway through because they sense a certain path is leading nowhere, but I have to keep trudging forward until I reach an absolute endpoint.

I have to know what's at the end of the mystery even if it turns out to be nothing. Where some people might feel frustrated that a path led to a dead end, I get a thrill from knowing I reached it's terminal endpoint.

For me, any exploration in life is a important question that needs an answer even if the answer is nothing. By wandering down an unknown path you connect with curiosity. If you can take pleasure in your sense of curiosity without caring about the outcome, you will feed your mind, body, and spirit in unexpected ways.

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