Mind & Body Wellness: Wait Time and A Path of Non-reaction

Wait Time and A Path of Non-Reaction by Beth Hemmila
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One of the most important skills we can teach ourselves and model for others is the practice of non-reaction. This does not mean we are impassive or emotionally impervious to what is going on, but rather to be fully present and consciously choosing to wait and connect with your solidity in the moment instead of reacting.

Many times if you practice non-reaction with mindfulness, things unfold in unexpected ways. Like a river naturally carving its path through the earth, the suspended time of non-reaction allows life to proceed with ease.

So often we don't allow enough wait time in our lives. The moment between when something happens and choosing a response or action that is harmony with the situation. This conscious waiting takes patience and tenacity. If you gradually add more wait time into your life, you learn to trust that the most harmonious response will arise out of the moment without you forcing it.

The key is to dig into yourself and sit in the uncomfortableness of waiting. It is a place of uncertainty, but buried within this feeling is a peace that flowers in the starkness of a desert and can envelope everything.

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Here are some of my favorite thoughts about waiting and non-reaction:

Peace waits for you inside ambiguity.
- Beth Hemmila

Detachment is not that you should own nothing. But that nothing should own you.
- Ali ibn abi Talib

The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back.
- The Good Vibe

Everything arises and passes away, and that passing is peace.
- Buddha

I am God's Lion, not the lion of passion.
The sun is my lord. I have no longing
except for the One.

When a wind of personal reaction comes,
I do not go along with it.

There are many winds full of anger,
and lust, and greed. They move the rubbish
around, but the solid mountains of our true nature
stays where it's always been. 

- Rumi

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