Mind & Body Wellness: Cultivating Patience & Savoring the Experience

Whale Beach, Lake Tahoe

I'm impatient. I've always been that way, so it's a surprise to me how much patience I've cultivated through yoga the last couple years.

We all have to wait in grocery lines, traffic lights, and doctor's offices. There is ample opportunity to practice this skill so as to get ready for life experiences that demand a great deal patience such as waiting to hear about a job interview, surgical result, or birth of a child.

Lately, I find myself enjoying the wait. In fact, most of the time I happily let people go in front of me.

Before I developed this patience, I forced polite behavior, following social protocol. The difference now is that I consciously sit with the wait.

To take my patience one step future, I've learned to savor the moment of waiting. If the waiting feels uncomfortable I savor the feelings of discomfort through meditation. I use waiting in lines as an opportunity to deepen my meditation practice either by emptying my mind or savoring the whole experience -- people, conversations, sights, sounds, and feelings that arise.

I owe my new found patience to both my meditation and yoga practice. Both ways teach me that I don't have to be anywhere in a rush. I'm starting to understand that the most important thing happening in my life is happening right now and not in the future. I know that nothing is coming to rescue the moment from discomfort and make me any more happy than I am right now.

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  1. So many people just rush through life that they have no idea what is going on around them.


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