Mind & Body Wellness: The Beauty of Silence

Mind and Body Wellness The Beauty of Silence by Beth Hemmila
Churches Pond, Galena Creek Regional Park, Reno, Nevada
Souls meet in between words.
- Beth Hemmila

Once I was sitting in a workshop, and we were all patiently waiting for someone to finish writing so we could start the next section. Quite spontaneously, a beautiful moment of silence appeared. In that brief space of time, I sensed that we all felt comfortable with each other, ourselves, and the moment. Then the energy in the room shifted, and a couple people started to exhibit nervousness. I could almost read their thoughts: "What's happening? What do we do with the silence? How do I fix this discomfort? Why isn't anyone saying anything? Should I fill it?"

Needless to say our moment of silence passed, and someone spoke up and said something about the silence, which led to a whole conversation about how uncomfortable this experience had been for some people.

We seem to have a hard time leaving space for the natural silences that occur in our lives. We like our machines, talking, music, and thinking.

However, if you sit with the discomfort of silence either alone or with others, what you'll notice is that eventually you will feel connected to your most natural state of being -- a place that takes you out of time and into eternity.

People sometimes talk as if they were “looking for silence,” as if silence had gone away or they had misplaced it somewhere. But it is hardly something they could have misplaced. Silence is the infinite horizon against which is set every word they have ever spoken, and they can't find it? Not to worry—it will find them.
- Trappist Monk, "How Silence Works"

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  1. lovely ponderings and experiences
    between each breath
    hi Beth ;-)


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