Mind & Body Wellness: Laughing at Walls

Mind & Body Wellness Laughing at Walls by Beth Hemmila

We build walls.

We create emotional walls out of confusion and fear.

Should we break them down? Maybe. Sometimes.

Lately I've taken to just laughing at my walls. Noticing "The Beth Show," recognizing that what I'm creating is a wall, acknowledging my fear, and either seeing if I can push past it or just accept that's where I am for right now.

Awareness is the first step. What are the walls that I use to distance myself from others and make myself unavailable to more and more love?

Here are some subtle emotional walls that I have noticed in myself during vulnerable times, which seem to be erected out of a desire to create the illusion of safety and push others away:

  • Sickness
  • Exhaustion
  • Overworking, excessive busy-ness
  • Excuses 
  • Saying "I can't"
  • Denial 

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