Mind & Body Wellness: Looking for Mentors

Mind and Body Wellness Looking for Mentors by Beth Hemmila

When the student is ready the master appears.
- Buddhist Proverb

One of the challenges of hiking in the mountains is that the path isn't always clear. Extensive rock faces and boulders obscure the landscape, and you can't always tell which way to go.

This is when I start looking for cairns -- small piles of rocks that act like signposts for confused travelers. I think of a series of cairns as a breadcrumb trail left behind by people who went before me. 

Symbolically, in the landscape of your own life you might find these cairns dotting the way for you -- information that will help navigate the path.

Whether you call them masters, teachers, spiritual guides, or mentors, they all have one thing in common -- through work, experience, and insight they hold wisdom that can help you on your journey.

Sometimes we like to travel alone, testing our knowledge and seeing what it's like to be a maverick; however, when you're feeling lost and confused, and don't know which way to turn, like looking for cairns on a path, seek out mentors who can offer courage and help point the way.

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