MInd & Body Wellness: Meeting Each Other Where We Are

All real living is meeting.
- Martin Buber, I and Thou

While hiking, you never know who you're going to meet on the path -- people young and old, dogs, horses, bikers, etc. It's always a surprise.

Invariably I'll miss a turn off, and a stranger will appear to help point me in the right direction. Or alternatively, I'll pull out my map to show someone how get back on track. The path is one of friendliness places to be.

This quote from Martin Buber's I and Thou is one I've contemplated over the last several years because it feels rooted in our humanness. Every day we meet new people and experiences, and that point of intersection is our life.

One of the hardest parts of meeting each other is recognizing that though we may be crossing paths in the same time and space, our emotional, mental, and spiritual baggage that we carry affects our perception of things. 

To meet each other exactly where we are takes the courage to drop our baggage, put our perceptions in neutral, and accept the other exactly as they are. 

We are all who we need to be at each meeting point in time and space. And when we find the willingness to drop our judgments of good or bad, we then naturally encounter a kind of openness, friendliness, and helpfulness found on the path.

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