Mind & Body Wellness: The Power of the Group

Mind and Body Wellness The Power of the Group by Beth Hemmila

Many times I hike alone. However, recently, while hiking, I ran into a group of people I know from Reno and hooked up with them to discover a more challenging part of the trail -- something I wouldn't have attempted alone.

When we were climbing up a steep embankment, I began to doubt that I could safely make it back down. Experiencing some panic, I turned around and told the guy behind me, "I'm going back because this feels beyond my skill set."

Everyone in the group started protesting and the guy said to me, "That's what the group is for -- to help you do things you can't do alone."

Sometimes I forget about the power of the group, and what we can do for each other. Using the strength of the group can help you overcome mental and emotional hurdles that wouldn't be possible alone. At the same time, you can give another person encouragement to help push them beyond their perceived limits.

That day I continued on with the group, and people did lend me a hand when I needed help getting down. However, the most important thing I took away is how grateful I am for all the groups, my various life families, that have supported me, helped me stretch beyond what I thought was possible, and modeled a kind of generosity that I have only begun to give back.

Learning to trust in the power of the group to overcome obstacles is one of the most important human connections we can cultivate throughout our lives. May you continue to help others and find support for yourself in the power of the group.


  1. Hey, Beth, I agree... I like hiking with one or two not a group... I like the quiet... When I was in Hi., you could always tell when tourists were on the same hike... very talkative, blocked paths for photos... for me a group kills the serenity of the hike as well as enjoying the calm part of nature


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