Etsy Shop Help: Grow Your Business Through Word of Mouth

Etsy Shop Help Grow Your Business Through Word of Mouth by Beth Hemmila

If you are an Etsy shop owner, the most cost effective way of growing your business is word of mouth. This can be done locally, but it can also happen on a geographically larger scale as you become linked to more and more communities through social media.

Genuinely connecting within communities and offering help to others is a powerful way to build supportive relationships which will naturally nurture your business.

Here are some questions to ask yourself in regards to growing business relationships locally and digitally.

  1. What are my existing communities? Locally? Digitally? (Draw a map of your communities and show how they connect.)
  2. How can I best serve others? 
  3. What do I offer to my existing communities?
  4. What help can I provide within my communities?
  5. What skills do I have which match the needs of potential new communities?
  6. What new communities would I like to be a part of?
  7. How can my communities intersect and benefit from each other?
  8. Who are the people in my life that help me connect with others and share information between communities?
  9. Who do I want to learn from?
  10. What expertise do I possess that others want to learn from? How can I share this expertise?

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