Mind and Body Wellness: Embracing Transitions

MInd and Body Wellness Embracing Transitions by Beth Hemmila

I struggle with transitions. In fact, I often dread going on vacation and making that journey between home and my final destination. I don't enjoy the uncertainty, challenges that arise, and the awkwardness I feel being away from what I know best.

Nevertheless, I believe the moments in our lives that prove to be the most life-changing are transitions. These transitional periods require an inner strength that embraces our fragility and fear. It's these transitions, where we are slogging through our own personal psychology and meeting up with the uncomfortable parts of ourselves where we stretch, grow, and shine our light in new ways.

More importantly, transitions are when we call for help and are heard by strangers, friends, and something greater than ourselves. During transitions we let go of being an 'I' and remember we are always part of a 'We.'

Starting in September, I returned to teaching art in middle school. Some people ask why I want to teach art at the middle school level, and I'm never quite sure how to explain it. All I can figure out is that I feel called to be with this particular group of kids because they are experiencing one of the most fragile transitions life demands of us. Moving from childhood to young adult is beautiful and painful all at the same time, and I appreciate the opportunity to witness and support this bridge they are walking across.

From childhood up to our death, we will be making transitions: falling in and out of relationship, changing careers and identities, moving to a different home, losing loved ones and jobs, dealing with the aging process, and making peace with our death. In these poignant moments we can choose to embrace our vulnerability, reach out to those who can offer guidance, and develop skills to be present and help others when they are making these transitions too.


  1. learning is a two way street.. I bet u are learning a lot from those jr. high kids. :-)

    1. More than I could have ever imagined. I am deeply grateful for their teachings :)


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